What is an Escape Room?

Good question! What is an Escape Room?!

Ever played those 'point and click' games on your phone or your computer? For those of you who have, well this is pretty much that, but in REAL LIFE!

For those who are completely oblivious to this up and coming activity, imagine you are locked in a room (don't start panicking JUST yet). You observe your surroundings and perhaps find a key under the plant pot, this key opens up a secret box hidden under a chair, in the box there is a puzzle... and so on so forth.  Thus you and a group of your friends, family, co workers or whoever else has agreed to be locked in a room with you, have to solve everything to escape! 

A great deal of skill is not required in this game, you must be able to work as a team, thinking outside the box and keeping an open mind to connect everything in the room together.

Escape Room enthusiasts can tell you one thing about these rooms: they get addictive. Once you start solving a few things you get a buzz that won't subside even after you've finished the game!

So come down and experience your first ever Escape Room with us, where laughter is guaranteed! And those Escape Room enthusiasts.. we are challenging you to ESCAPE our rooms, do you dare?